Live Streams will appear here on Sundays at 9:30am and 5:00pm, previous video/audio further below:

June 19:
9:30am, The Effective Father – An Example – Pastor Dave Brower

5:00pm, A Father’s Tears – Pastor Robert Timmer

June 12:
9:30am, What a Blessing – the Triune God! – Pastor Dave Brower

5:00pm, Being Diligent Dads and Disciple Makers – Pastor Ron VerWys

June 5:
9:30am, Happy Hour – Pastor Dave Brower

5:00pm, When The Hedge Is Gone – Pastor Robert Timmer

May 29:
9:30am, The ‘Weather’ Psalm – Dr. Dan Mouw

5:00pm, The Suffering of Christ: O Sweet Exchange – Chaplain Scott Koeman

May 22:
9:30am, Walking with the Risen Lord – Pastor Ron VerWys

5:00pm, The Focus of Your Eyes – Dr. Warren Lammers

May 15:
9:30am, To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain – Pastor Robert Timmer

5:00pm, Spreading Peace Around – Dr. Dan Mouw

May 8:
9:30am, The Motherhood of God – Pastor Dave Brower

5:00pm, Abiding in Jesus – Dr. Dan Kroeze

May 1:
9:30am, Unable To Do It Alone – Pastor Dave Brower

5:00pm, The Home of God’s People – Pastor Ron Bouwkamp

April 24:
9:30am, Stones- Problems or Possibilities? – Pastor Dave Brower

5:00pm, Our Resurrection Bodies – Pastor Ron Bouwkamp

April 17:
9:30am, A Last Lesson on the Resurrection – Pastor Dave Brower

April 15:
7:00pm, The Three Crosses of Calvary – Pastor Dave Brower

April 10:
9:30am, Triumph or Tragedy? – Pastor Dave Brower

5:00pm, Paul’s Missionary Support Thank-You – Pastor Ron Bouwkamp

April 3:
9:30am, A Last Lesson on the Holy Spirit – Pastor Dave Brower

5:00pm, At The Center of the Arena – Dr. Warren Lammers